Don't mess around, learn the Right way to play!
TAKE one-on-one lessons with Shawn!

Nothing beats having an experienced teacher. They can save you years of pain and agony. Years of struggling to learn how to play the guitar. I've been teaching privately for eight years, so you can trust that I know how to show you the right way to play. 


Great teachers are the best listeners. And often coaches. I can give you patient encouragement to get through some of the rough spots you'll come across when learning the guitar. Or, if you're already on fire, I can fan the flames so you can keep kicking butt!

Here are some of the awesome things I'll do as your guitar teacher:

  • Work with you to discover your musical goals and create a smart and fun path to get there.
  • Personally transcribe the songs or solos you wish to learn with your skill level in mind.
  • Advise you on how to make a practice routine that sticks so it's easy to make time for it.
  • Make sure that musical fundamentals are constantly integrated into each lesson.
  • Give you additional resources to gain a broad perspective on the topics we cover.
  • Provide a recording of each lesson so you can listen to them whenever you need. (local lessons only)

One hour lessons are $40. Many of my students take lessons weekly, though other schedules are common.

to book a time, call 518-593-2243

OR, send ME an email: