Ed Sheeran "U.N.I." / by Shawn Parrotte

This year I'll be teaching most of Ed Sheeran's previous album since it seems like most of you like the way that I teach his songs. First up is "U.N.I."! I transcribed this from his performance at the iTunes festival in 2012. I kept the guitar in standard tuning. I know he uses all sorts of alternate tunings but I wanted to keep it simple, and I'm not sure if he used a different tuning for this one. It seemed smart to keep it in standard tuning. But that means we'll be using a lot of barre chords in this song. I hope that doesn't scare you! If so, be on the watch out for my first course coming at you in a few months where I'll show you are ton of ways to practice barre chords so you wont be scared of them anymore.

The video above will show you all the chords you need and I got the tabs in the description if you need them. No chord chart today.... no way I'll be able to get all those words on the page and it be legible. Ha! Enjoy this lesson!