Hozier "From Eden" / by Shawn Parrotte

Today's guitar lesson has been a request for some time. I shot this lesson before but didn't upload it because I knew it needed to be better. And now its ready for you all to learn. Here's how to play Hozier's "From Eden". The first thing to notice is that this song is in 5/4 instead of our usual 4/4. This means that there is one extra beat per measure. We will be counting to five in all the parts of the song except the pre-chorus. We also need to use a lot of barre chords for this song and transition to and from them quite fast. Take is slow for a while and make sure all the chords come out clear as you switch from one to the other. And finally, I'll show you how to play that sweet opening melody line that echos throughout the song. If you have any questions, just let me know what's up in the comments. Enjoy!