Wyclef Jean & Avicii "Divine Sorrow" / by Shawn Parrotte

Here's a song that surprised me. Before listening to it, I thought it was just going to be another Avicii track with nothing exciting happening... I know what to expect. So I was hesitant to give it a listen. However, Wyclef adds SO much to this track and Avicii gives it an Imogen Heap feel by stacking harmoies with that special sweet vocoder effect. There was just something different I liked about this one. The main melody could be stronger, yes, but its still solid and uplifting given the tone of this tune.

Guitar-wise, its not hard at all. We have some basic open chord shapes to play. The only hard part might be the strum pattern which is kinda quick at this tempo. Watch the video above to learn all the parts and then if you want to sing along too you can check out the chord chart below. Enjoy!